-CATCHED- but he has me in his hand! Part 1

I wanted to surprise my parents because I came back from vacation a day earlier than planned. When I finally arrived at my parents' house after the long drive home, I got the shock of my life. I caught my little stepbrother Moritz red-handed fucking a pocket pussy that was attached to the fridge in our kitchen. I just wanted out of the situation! but when I saw that a big dirty naked picture of me was loaded above the pocket pussy on the screen of the fridge, I had to confront him. I made it clear to him what a pathetic disgusting bastard he is and that I will tell our parents everything, but he didn't take me seriously and continued to stare provocatively at my bulging stomach. The whole situation changed when he told me he overheard an intimate conversation…where I confided my biggest secret to my best friend and he would spill it if he couldn't rub my stomach but it didn't stop there. …To be continued…. #pregnant #teen #stepbrother

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