Does THIS fit into my tight ASSHOLE?!

So I've got a lot planned for today. I've NEVER had such a HUGE dildo up my ass! But lately I've always done my anal training well and regularly stretched my anus with anal plugs. And now I want to test how much this has brought! First I lubricate the huge dildo and my butt hole with lubricant and then I start trying to insert it. I feel the glans slowly making its way into my rectum, stretching my sphincter more and more. Then the whole tip is in and I'm almost amazed that it was possible without pain! So I get braver and move the dildo in circular movements in my rosette! It feels super good and I carefully push the big dildo further in until it's about halfway up my ass. I pull it out again and again with relish and push it in again, each time it disappearing a little further into me. I start to moan, knead my chest and enjoy the feeling of the dildo caressing my rectum from the inside! Do you think I can get it all the way in at the end? Have fun finding out! 🙂

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