Guest confuses sauna with SAUNACLUB! Don't fight back, swallow!

I haven't been to the sauna that often, maybe 2 or 3 times with a friend. It's actually not a lot and now I dare to go somewhere alone hihi. Sometimes you also meet cool people there, sometimes naughty too, as you know.. But today I feel like making my body sweat and relaxing, as you always tell me so nicely on the webcam. The towel is packed, that's all I need, my big ass just has to find a place somewhere. As soon as I arrive, I realize that there is almost nothing going on. That's strange, otherwise there are always a lot of people on the move here. Hmm okay, then there are probably no new acquaintances today. Then I can now lie down naked on the bench with a towel over my face so that my eyes don't sting. I'm just fully relaxing when suddenly something is put in my mouth.. what happens now?!? I see a naked man, probably a sauna-goer, signaling me to be quiet. So I shut up and do what he says…

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