Hosed down and put in again? Virgo can’t last 30 seconds!

I recently met a user. He confided in me that he is still a virgin. Since I felt kind of sorry for him, I decided to just invite him over! Said and done. 😛 I didn't expect it, but he really came! I then undressed in front of him and showed him my whole body. Of course he also got a short blowjob 😛 Then it was finally time for him to put his cock in a pussy for the very first time! He only lasted 30 seconds before his hot juice started gushing out of him! 😛 I thought it was already over. But then he just sticks his cock back in me after he cums on my pussy! He just kept fucking me and then even came a second time, but this time inside me 😛 It was super cool! He won't soon forget his first time! Would you have lasted longer your first time? ;P #fucking #teen #blowjob

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