Hotel guest lures me to his room! What happens on vacation stays on vacation!

As you may have noticed, I'm on vacation with my family in Mallorca. It sucks, I know, I'm slowly getting tired of day trips to some stalactite caves :/ Since I sunbathe by the pool almost every day, my body probably didn't go unnoticed. Anyway, there was one hotel guest who couldn't take his eyes off me. Of course it didn't escape me and we flirted with our eyes for a few days and also teased each other a bit at the buffet. I have to say that somehow made me extremely horny, especially since a massive cock has already made itself felt through his swimming trunks. To be honest, I was completely horny at the pool and actually just wanted to know what was lurking under my swimming trunks. My nipples were permanently hard! But with my family by my side, I could forget that. However, he dared today and gave me a note with his room number and a time… 😉

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