I piss on you!! User punished with NS shower?!?

Hey my dear… I was mad today because of Niclas. In the last few videos he hasn't performed quite as well as I had hoped. I haven't even come properly since 2 videos, not even after the shoot. Of course he thought that we were shooting another hot sex tape. WELL!!! Wrong thought 😉 I had to say that today. First I ordered him to take off his pants. When he was so naked in front of me, I grabbed his limp cock and pulled him into the bathroom. He liked that too >:)… I told him to lie down in the tub, of course he was hoping for hot tub sex, but I had prepared something else 😉 I put my pussy over him and his cock and gave him a fat, missed a hot NS shower on his cock… AND HE THOUGHT THAT REALLY NICE?!? I can't believe it, my plan has completely failed… but maybe I just discovered a hidden fetish :O Tell me: Would you have found a NS shower so cool or would you have jumped straight out of the tub ^^ ?? Much love and kisses :* Your Luna

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