I really did itMy! 1. AO sex at a parking lot meetup!!

I'm still a little shocked that I actually went through with it. When I recently shot a video in a parking lot where I was doing it myself, a guy was watching me the whole time and I could see exactly how horny he was for me. When I was done, we started talking a little and he was also really likeable. Suddenly the thought just shot out and I asked him without thinking if he would like to make a sex video with me. My mouth was probably faster than my brain again lol. But the thought of doing it now and knowing exactly how horny he was for me as he watched me made me so horny. Of course he was really excited about it and said it would be a great honor for him to be able to do that. The fact that we then did it completely AO in the heat of the action might not have had to be, or what do you think?

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