I ride us in ecstasy! Very passionate today!

We haven't made a plan for today. Just set up the camera and have fun & enjoy! I love the thought of you watching me and massaging your cock for me! Especially when a man with a hard cock is ready for me in bed. Luckily the camera is still ready from a previous video :3 I can't withhold that from you :3 I had to use it right away to try out a new position. We both enjoy it immensely and I sensually move my hips to our own rhythm. God I love to ride! His hands slide along my body and I can feel his thick cock pulsing in my tight pussy. But this time was somehow different. Is he just tired or is he enjoying it? For me it is an absolute pleasure! I'm in control and I want it passionately and slowly! Until all of a sudden it's just over.. Did I do something wrong? Or is that how it should be?

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