In public… all ALONE at the lake

Due to the stress of the last few weeks I forgot to show you my new video. 🙁 Nevertheless, I managed to take a day off and drove to the lake. Enjoy the sun and relax. On the way there, I had the idea that I could dare something. …A VIDEO AT THE LAKE … in the Public… As long as nobody is watching me it's not that bad, is it? So I did it. Playing around with myself IN PUBLIC. Luckily I found a quiet place where nobody was to be seen. I held back a bit at first, because I had something to think about. But the thrill of someone watching or catching me somehow made it more interesting and exciting. It made my touch feel so different. It was exciting and great. Suddenly I heard voices and strangers People came up to me. Unfortunately I had to stop the video because of that. I hope you like it anyway. Maybe I'll go to the lake again and do another video for you I do. Kind regards, your SarahSophie ????

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