Judicial Cane Breeding

30 very hard cane lashes. tied up Bare butt. Naked! I'm afraid. I'm going to get a severe judicial caning. Now, on the spot. No mercy. No safe word. One rule: I have to count out loud and say the phrase "I'm ready for the next shot!" when I'm ready. I can take my time, but the perfidious thing is: I can postpone as long as I want, the blows will hit me after all. All. Hard. How hard will it feel? I've never experienced anything like this before. It's a tunnel game. I can't finish it until my poor butt takes all the beatings. The pain is unbelievable and unbearable! I hate the cane! Now even more! I have great difficulty concentrating and getting even this simple sentence out. OW! Every damn hit hurts so much! My eyes fill with tears and I start sobbing as I have to speak. I howl at the buck that carries my sweet butt while being tormented. Seconds turn into hours when you get beat up like I did right now. Models: Johnny, Lili Duration: 13:53min Spanking Hardness: Strict

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