MEGA SQUIRTING fountain in the whirlpool

My in-laws are away for a few days. We should take care of the house in the meantime. Of course, I don't let them take the opportunity to splash around in their whirlpool from time to time! After my glass of sparkling wine, which I stole from the fridge, I feel super relaxed, so jump into the warm water! However, I illegally take off my panties and start having fun with my favorite toy! It kind of appeals to me to do something like that in a foreign environment! I knead my small, firm tits and caress my clitoris. I push the vibrator into my pussy and feel the vibrate deep inside me while I continue to stroke my clitoris. Soon I begin to twitch slightly and feel a shiver run down my back. A totally unexpected MEGA fountain shoots out of me and pours into the in-laws' pool! Shit – I didn't mean to be that cheeky! Well, it will probably be all the more exciting for you to watch! Have fun 🙂

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