My first time OUTDOOR and caught straight away! AWKWARD!

I just can't help it with this weather! I want to get out and jerk off nice outdoors! It's too hot in my apartment anyway and it's the most beautiful outside. So I go to one of my favorite places. A kind of lost place. It is an old gravel works, on whose premises you are actually not allowed. But no matter, I have my dildo with me and I'm horny! I spread out my blanket and make myself really nice! It's sooo cool, my pussy squeaks with joy! I don't really get anything, but when I'm done I notice that someone is there. I'm not sure at first, but THEN I'M CERTAIN! Fuck! Put the camera away. But it was already too late, the gentleman then shitted at me off camera for what I was looking for on this site, but could hardly suppress his smile. MEGA EMBARRASSING!!!

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