Orgasm for better grades?! – Study break in Schubert style

Even if I sometimes neglect it a bit, there is still my psychology degree! Crazy that I'm almost in my 3rd semester with all this messing around in front of the cam! The orgasms in between seem to help. But today I really can't stay on topic. It's been a few days since I had sex and my pussy really hates it! I'm trying to concentrate and I keep getting flashbacks of blowjobs and cocks! am I addicted? Well, that doesn't change anything now. I need a break! And fortunately there is always a toy to hand at Schubert. I free my plump ass from the tight hot pan and spread my legs nicely at the desk. The first orgasm is not long in coming, but that's when I really get going and get the dildo… Will my professors give me better grades if they see that? :3

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