Picked up and hosed down!?! He pays for ride with orgasm!!

Hey dear ^^ I had my fun again this weekend 😉 When Niclas called me in the middle of the night and wanted me to pick him up, I made a diabolical and kinky plan 😉 I would pick him up, but only if he fuck me nice and hard on the side of the road. Well, that's what he did. When he got in I took his cock right out of his pants so that it gets hard pretty quickly. I didn't feel like waiting anymore and was incredibly hungry for his cock. After it was nice and hard, we got out of my car and went a little further into the bushes. There he then pressed me against a fence while he took me extremely hard from behind ^^ Unfortunately it was raining and it was a bit cold, so we drove to my place afterwards and did it in my bed until we came at the same time ^^ Did you like the video? What do you think of outdoor 😉 write it to me. Much love and kisses :** Your Luna!

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