Remote controlled to ecstasy? User is rewarded in the locker room!

Hey my dear ^^ This morning I got a message from Niclas, he wanted to invite me to breakfast and he said he had a little something for me 😉 When he got to the car park he didn't have to wait long and promptly got in my car so that he could show me this "little thing". At the time I was just on my period, he must have noticed that because he brought me a beautiful little toy to remote control ^^ I put it directly in my thong, he switched on the app and off we went ;P First have we tried it in the car, just great. I couldn't control myself any more and started giving him a really cool blow job. And so the game continued 😉 In the elevator, in the restaurant and later even in a changing room. He kept driving me to ecstasy and I had his hot cock in my mouth. Unfortunately we had to stop at the end because the changing rooms got very, very full ;)) I hope you have a lot of fun watching 😉 All the best and kisses :** Your Luna!!

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