Stranger man fucked – after photo shoot

This morning I forgot to pack my tripod for the camera. But that's not so bad. I just look for a spot in the woods where a lot of people go for a walk and then someone will surely be found who will snap a few pictures of me. And really – I've only just arrived and immediately someone comes towards me with their cell phone in their hands! Would he take a picture of me? I'll just ask him! And luckily the man says yes! I let him take some pictures of me and then notice a bulge in his pants that I'd like to use as a prop. Of course he doesn't have a problem with that, so he soon takes pictures of me with his cock in his mouth! Of course, when we're done, I don't want to leave him alone with the boner, so I let him fuck me really nice and horny, and we almost get caught! What would they have thought, a cute young woman and a much older guy fucking in the middle of the path in the woods! Well, we definitely had our fun and I haven't had such an exciting sex experience in a long time! Especially not with a complete stranger! Have fun 🙂

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