Waiter tricks me & seduces me?!? Wet Rooftop Surprise

I really feel like going out today, but alone! Not some kind of party or anything, just something very relaxed hihi. My best friend recently told me about a super cool bar, which is especially nice in the afternoon because you can chill out on four-poster beds on a rooftop! WOW! Yes I have to go there! I also really want to see the sunset. I was so excited that I almost forgot to put my panties on, whoops.. So quickly put on a cute thong and let's go. As soon as I arrived, I was already blown away by the location. I had even reserved my own four-poster bed so that nobody would disturb me, except for the waiter, of course. He keeps looking at me from the bar area, I can tell.. uiui, what is that supposed to tell me now.. When he brings me my drink, he pours it all over my white top! 😮 Oh dear, poor .. but somehow it looked intentional. But first I have to change my shirt, it's completely wet! I ask him not to look, but then somehow everything got a bit degenerate.. :p

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