WOW, AUA and WOW KRASS! Jenny on the "stick" – the icy test of courage

WOW, AUA and WOW KRASS + MEGA SQUIRT! When the weather is hot, it's nice to have an ice cream. But what am I doing? I was so horny again and when I saw the horny popsicle, I had the idea to fuck myself with the ice cream. I had never done that before and you know me that I like to try new things. So look at what I'm doing with the ice cream and if I could actually shove it all the way up my cunt. As a hint, the ICE came straight out of the freezer, so really so cold that my tongue stuck to it at first. But then whatever I did with the ice cream, I cummed all over it and splashed the bed all over. What a new and blatant experience for my pussy. Have fun with my horny ice cream games and have fun jerking off. Kiss your Jenny #closeup #muschi #squirt

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