Construction worker fucked on construction site !! time for lunch..

I went for a walk in the city today, strolled around a bit, maybe even bought some new lingerie :p I'm on the cycle path at the bridge, there's a big construction site there! I haven't seen them yet. A construction worker is still busy there, looks like he's about to take a break. I send Paulina a picture & she calls me directly, what does she want now 😀 She doesn't even say hello & says we're playing our game again. Oh man, what?! She says "If I were you I would seduce the construction worker!" Well, men in uniform have something and somehow you can certainly sweeten his lunch break.. phew! How do I do that now.. But okay, that'll be fine, I'll go to him at the construction site now & try to persuade him.. Apparently he's seen me in a few "special" videos before 😀 That seems to him turn something on & make everything easier again.. So, what are we going to do now?

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