My first training! Processed & abandoned!!

I'm kind of in my discovery phase of different fetishes and preferences, that's super exciting and also really cool. After my first BDSM attempt, I would like to be properly worked on without even knowing who and what he is doing to me. But of course I want to expand my BDSM experience a lot more! There is a meeting place where I blindfold myself, get my mouth stuffed & then not allowed to defend myself when he comes in. Uiuiui I'm excited.. I still don't know how it's supposed to be.. I'm already lying here with my eyes blindfolded and a gag in my mouth.. I'm lying ready on the bed & hear the door open. He comes towards me.. what will he do first? Go straight to my tight pussy? Or smack his hard cock in my face? I feel how he comes very close to me.. Do you want to do the same with me?

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