Sparkling holiday video found on mobile phone! Wet rock fruit

PHOW! I just found a video from my last Cyprus holiday with Paulina, what am I always doing! I can still remember that day very well, prick my ears my dear :p Today we want to go to a beautiful place in the immediate vicinity of a crowded tourist beach, a cool insider tip for every vacationer here! We climb over a few rocks, the sun burns extremely on our skin, I feel like I have to drink something every 5 seconds 😀 At the bottom I empty another bottle of water & first enjoy the view from the rock. Unfortunately we are not completely alone, there are a few boats with residents and/or holidaymakers close by, so what! But slowly I really have to pee, the 2 liters of water are really pressing on my bladder, although I thought I had sweated it all out. Since I don't dare to jump from the rock into the stony water, I'll probably have to relieve myself on the platform in front of the boats.

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