!!UNCUT EMBARRASSING!! Fell off the bed in the middle! – Anal & lots of orgasms

From a brush in the ass to a fall from the bed, everything was there today! I leave my bikini on and make myself comfortable on the bed with a bottle of oil. Hopefully I haven't been in the sun for too long. That would explain why I'm so horny and spoiled. I happily spread it over my tanned body and feel the oil flowing between my legs to my clitoris. The oil mixed with my juice results in a very slippery affair that I can't keep from you…I just have to make it myself. The fact that the first orgasm is interrupted by such a HUGE FAIL makes me even more jittery! Now there is nothing holding me and I stuff everything up my ass that I can find. Lollipops, brushes,… so hopefully we'll have a very satisfying conclusion. Has this ever happened to you?

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